Do you want to:

  • Develop your leadership as a decision maker?
  • Improve the leadership skills of your team members?
  • Have deeper and more effective conversations?
  • Provide targeted coaching through a significant transition?
  • Make decisions about the future of your business and your talent pipeline?
  • Fill key positions with the right people?
  • Help your talented employees reach their full potential?

Discover how our coaching, leadership assessment and training workshops can help you.


We help you
achieve excellence by
leveraging your strengths.

Coaching creates a unique, safe space that aims to increase clients’ self-awareness and help them validate their perspectives and uncertainties, experiment with new ideas and assimilate the changes they want to see.

It is a process driven by specific and measurable goals with the proven potential to enhance the effectiveness of leaders and teams.

Attentiveness, a keen understanding of what makes each person tick, kindness, frank and necessary conversations, targeted questions, decision aids—our executive clients have access to all of these tools and resources to inform discussions about their priorities, whether they want to improve their change and risk management strategies, boost resilience or refine their approach to professional relationships..

  • Identify your harmful beliefs, habits and behaviours?
  • Set development goals that will showcase your talents and help you achieve your desired results?
  • Foster a positive and motivating atmosphere in your work group?
  • Solidify your team’s dedication and cohesion while creating conditions in which your collaborators can grow and thrive?
  • Hone your leadership skills and bolster your power of conviction in your current role or in a future position that promises to be particularly challenging?
  • Encourage creativity and innovation?

Coaching helps management teams enhance their performance by fine-tuning their approach to team communication. Our interventions also guide teams through constructive conflict resolution and equip them to prevent and better manage conflict in the future.

Examples: Getting to know each other, identifying the needs and motivations of others, revisiting rituals that pave the way to a shared vision, enhancing the quality of discussions and decision making based on trust and effectiveness, empowering team members, creating efficient team plans that meet your needs and coordinating your team’s work.

  • Develop a team identity and build up trust and commitment?
  • Motivate your team to achieve the goals you’ve set for them?
  • Identify the strengths and factors that will make or break your team?
  • Manage a difficult team dynamic?

Careers aren’t necessarily linear, and it’s not unheard of for a person to go through several transitions throughout their professional life. Career Vision is a short-term program (generally a series of three appointments) that will help you take a step back, examine your ambitions and create a transition plan if needed.

We help you determine exactly where you want to be or figure out why you aren’t there yet.

Please note that availability is limited.

  • Define your professional ambitions in line with your values, strengths, talents and interests?
  • Make sure you’re using your talents in the right context?
  • Make an informed decision about the changes you’re considering?


How do your leaders,
teams and candidates for
key positions measure up?

The high added value our leadership assessment expertise brings our clients makes us a leader in our industry when it comes to decisions concerning recruitment, investment, the development of key resources and human resource planning.


We get excited about metrics
because they’re concrete and
help “make the invisible visible.”


We are certified to use and combine a wide variety of psychometric tools to meet the specific needs of our clients. Through an accurate and humane approach, our analysis is advantageous for everyone involved—whether it’s just one individual, a team or an entire cohort of managers.

  • Determine the best profile to fill your positions?
  • Back up your recruitment decisions (internal/external) with valid and objective data?
  • Discover an individual’s talents and qualify their unique contribution?
  • Identify your employees’ weaknesses and acquire the coaching skills to help them overcome them?
  • Gauge how your practices compare to the best leadership practices in your industry?
  • Understand the dynamic and potential of a management team?
  • Identify the behaviours that will take your organization to the next level?


How can you
encourage collaboration
within a team?
  • Develop a shared vision of collaboration?
  • Build healthy and productive relationships with each other?
  • Understand and apply the practices that lead to high performance?
  • Effectively guide your organization through change?

We focus on training in the form of short and impactful workshops. We also offer speaking engagements upon request, on these topics and others:

  • Conversational Intelligence®: neuroscientific concepts and how to apply them in the workplace
  • Listening skills
  • Diversity and constructive conflict
  • The art of giving and receiving feedback
  • Effective meetings and rituals
  • The art of asking questions
  • High-performance teams: refining your conversations, enhancing trust
  • Engaging and motivating your team
  • Planning for change
  • Performance culture